Roxana Marachi

Dr. Roxana Marachi

Dr. Roxana Marachi is an Associate Professor at San José State University where she teaches Educational Psychology and supervises teacher candidates in the Department of Teacher Education. Her publications are on school climate, student motivation, and violence prevention with current research inquiries examining impacts of systemic policy changes in testing on motivation among youth. She has presented at national and international education conferences, was co-chair of the Safe Schools and Communities Committee for the American Educational Research Association from 2009-2012, and is currently chair of the education committee for the Silicon Valley/San Jose branch of the NAACP.  Marachi was the recipient of the 2015 Justice Award from Californians for Justice and the 2015 Freedom Fighter Award from the Silicon Valley/San Jose NAACP.  Since 2011, she has been actively involved with regional initiatives including the Santa Clara County School Linked Services and the Juvenile Justice Systems Collaborative Prevention and Programs Workgroup.